March 2015 - Taking Care of Business


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Who's Driving?


It's a frequent question: Who "drives" the houseboat?


The simple answer is You do! If you can drive a car, you can probably "pilot" a houseboat too. Sure, the houseboat is a lot bigger than most cars. Take a look at this midsize GM car catching some shade under one of the "midsized" houseboats.

The challenging part, taking the houseboat out of the slip and getting it underway, is done for you. A launch pilot will take the controls of your houseboat, pull out of the slip, and get the voyage underway. It's all part of your full houseboat orientation and a great way to see how it's done.

While you have your launch pilot with you, it's also a perfect time to brush up on your own piloting skills, get a feel for the throttle, and take the wheel with someone at your side to help out. They will guide you out into the open water, away from the marina, and make sure you're comfortable taking the "helm" before they jump on a speed boat back to the marina.

Before your pilot leaves you, make sure they show you a few good spots on the map and point you in the right direction. (Water levels change all the time. The beach your crew loved last year may be six feet under the waterline this year.)

Houseboats are slow, RELAX! If you're looking for speed, rent something else. Slow and steady is your only option on a houseboat. The slower you go, the easier they are to steer too! The key is to relax and take your time.

When you return, the process is reversed. A pilot will come out on a speed boat, take the controls, and bring your houseboat safely back to the marina. ENJOY!


Do You Know The "Early Board" Secret?

Some people ask why it's called an "early board" when actually, you arrive late in the day. Good Question! No Answer!

The Early Board Option may be one of the best kept secrets at Forever marinas. It's a simple concept. Instead of getting to the marina as early in the day as you can, you arrive at the end of the day (or evening) and sleep on the houseboat at the marina. Then, the next morning after breakfast, you are already there and ready to get started with your orientation.

"We had a great time staying on the houseboat at the marina. We met some great people and got some super helpful advice the night before we launched."

Unload your gear at a leisurely pace, have a relaxing dinner, and get a good nights sleep. If some of your party is late, no worries, you are not going anywhere until the next morning. Tell 'em to relax, take their time.

In the morning, wake up, enjoy breakfast, run through your orientation, and launch. Not a bad way to start your voyage!

Give us a call and get the full scoop and special pricing for the Early Board Option. (Availability is limited so don't wait too long!)

See you Soon!



On Your Schedule?


4 Day Getaway!
Catch The Savings!

Looking for some great value on a shorter vacation this season?

Check out this new special on Four Day Getaways:

All Forever Marina Locations

4 day Minimum
    (Or longer...)

56' Getaway - $75 off per day
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60' Eagle - $100 off per day!
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70' Titanium - $125 off per day
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The fine print:
Offer expires October 31. Not available July 1-July 31 and not combinable with other offers.

Call in to get this special offer!


Drive Easy - Save Big!

Did You know that the speed difference between full throttle and 3/4 throttle is about 5 percent?


Going full throttle instead of 3/4 throttle actually doubles your fuel consumption!


Well... The houseboat experts say that it has something to do with the design, "hull shape" and... "terminal velocity."    (Gasp!!!)

So... Forget technical reasons, sit back, relax, slow down, enjoy the view, and cut your fuel bill in half!

      What's your hurry anyway?


FORGET The Detour!
89 Is Repaired & Open!

It's all fixed and back to normal! The detour is gone and the freshly paved lanes are all open.

So... after $25 million and over one million cubic yards of rock have been moved around, the job is done. Just in time for summer vacationers with boats in tow!

Check out the video!

See the latest video featuring some great construction footage, official interviews, and the first school busses hitting the road.

Official Story - Click Here


Portside Musing

Early boarding is really late boarding... Or is late boarding really early boarding? It's all how you look at it I guess... Like life!

March 2015 Edition