May 2015 - The Don't Forget Issue!


Things change...

It happens to all of us... things change.

Schedules change, vacations change, even school vacations change. Sometimes when one reservation changes dates, it opens up a slot for someone else. So... if you have a need and aren't seeing what you want available online, call our houseboat experts:

So don't get turned upside down on your vacation plans! Sometime changes take a while to get in the system and...we may be able to help you out!


More Houseboats & PWCs At Lake Powell!

Two dozen brand new PWCs and three more houseboats have arrived just in time for this summer season on Lake Powell.

And... Here's a Waterways scoop; We have just added these additional houseboats to the reservation system. So... some dates that were recently sold out may now have availability! (Especially after June 17)


Call soon while they're still available!



Peaceful and Serene...

70' Titanium Top Deck looking over the hot tub!








Don't Forget...

Time flies when you're getting ready for a houseboat vacation.

It seemed so long off when you first booked, but now it's coming up quickly! (Time to get moving)

Start thinking through details ahead of time and making your lists of stuff to take and... don't forget these easy tips that can make your vacation a lot easier!


Wet Wipes

You could be relaxing on the top deck with a cool beverage, or rocking along on a PWC, or just trolling in a shallow cove with your fishing pole and then it happens...

...a little sweat combines with your sun screen and gets in your eye.

The perfect solution is to have some wet wipes on hand to wipe away the problem.


Duffel Bags

Pack your gear in collapsible containers like duffel bags so you can tuck them away after unpacking.. Hard luggage can be a pain to store on a houseboat.


Salt & Pepper

Salt and pepper is the most forgotten item on houseboat vacations. Don't forget to bring it.

The houseboats are stocked with a lot of stuff, even coffee filters and marshmallow forks...

But not salt and pepper...


Cheap Sunglasses

There are expensive sunglasses strewn all over the lake bottoms and more are sinking every day...

Bring a cheap pair for when you are swimming or racing around on a power boat and keep your good ones for top deck beverage time...


Board Games

Seriously, something you would never do at home might just be the night time activity to bring the whole family together!

So look around the house and find where you stowed your favorites years ago and bring 'em along!

Voted most popular on a houseboat vacation? Battleship!



Bring along a few old favorites and enjoy some time together after your voices have all worn out.

The best movies are ones that everyone has seen. That way the distraction of the popcorn popping and people moving around won't be a nuisance.

The fun is in watching together!


Mint Oreos

Voted the number one snack on a houseboat vacation, Oreos, or more specifically Mint Oreos are a must have!


Ear Plugs

Well... you never know who might snore on a houseboat vacation. Maybe the water lapping up against the side of the houseboat keeps you up at night, or you want to go to bed before the movie is over... Some cheap earplugs could be worth gold if you have them... Just in case!

Portside Musing

Memorial Day came a week early this year. That makes the summer season a week longer.... Does that mean that my work year is a week shorter?

May 2015 Edition