July 2015 - Celebrate Independance


"Where liberty dwells, there is my country."
Benjamin Franklin



Independence Day is special. It's our very own All American Holiday.
Wherever you celebrate, have a GREAT weekend. Happy 4th!



Last Minute Opportunities:

It's the long 4th of July weekend, no plans yet? Here's a little secret...

If you think that the lakes are all sold out for the 4th of July weekend, you may be right... but... there is one 60' Eagle houseboat still available at Lake Oroville and also one 59' Deluxe houseboat ready to go at Trinity Lake.

And... On the largest man made lake in the United States, on the Fourth of July, with one of the largest fleet of houseboats, there is a 50' XT houseboat, a 59' Deluxe houseboat, and a 60' Eagle houseboat still available.


The number is 1-800-255-5561. Call quick and ask for your own "Last Minute 4th of July Special" before they're all gone!



June 2015: Lake Mead

There's still more than enough water in the largest man made lake in the United States to have an awesome houseboat vacation. (Picture taken June 2015)

Sure the media keeps showing pictures of a dried up lake, but they only show the shallow ends. The areas that houseboaters usually enjoy like Boulder Basin and Virgin Basin have miles of swell surface area. That's water, June 2015!


Sweet n Lite!

Here's a simple, delicious, dessert idea that's perfect on a houseboat:

Whipped Topping. The nice thing about Cool Whip or some other brand of whipped topping, is that it's easy to pack and does not need to stay frozen. (Hint: you could also freeze it before you leave home and save ice chest space for stuff that needs to stay frozen)

Fruit, Fresh or Frozen. How easy is that? (Bags of frozen berries, for instance, are flexible and can also double as ice in your cooler when you pack.)    

Easy Directions:

Whipped topping, berries, whipped topping, berries, You're done!

Remember, the key to any culinary houseboating success is to make sure you bring all of the right ingredients along before you launch your vacation!


Time To Think About Fall Houseboating?

The fall houseboating season will, believe it or not, be here soon. The lakes will still be warm but the air will start to cool. (The summer crowds will also be gone and the rental rates will "fall" too!)    What's on your fall calendar?


Thanks for our heroes!

It takes a team to make a dream and our Forever Resorts Family would like to thank one very important part of the American Dream. Our heroes. They are the men and women who keep us safe, come to the rescue, and protect our liberty.

We salute them!

We thank them!

We appreciate all they do!

Cheers to our heroes!


Heroes Discount

Active Military, Veterans, Firefighters, Police and EMT's (Emergency Medical Technicians) of the United States are now eligible to receive a $200 discount off of their houseboat rental and/or a 10% discount off powerboats, personal watercraft and other small boats.

Any Forever Houseboat Model

Any Forever Marina

Any Time

No Blackout Dates

Click here for details!


4th of July Treats

Instant brownies on the 4th of July? On a houseboat? Sure!

They're easy, they fill up the houseboat with a delicious smell, and they're always popular. And... did we mention that they're easy?

Most of the mixes don't even need much more than water.

They make a great houseboating activity with the "kids" too.

Not an official endorsement, but our crew has tried several brands over the years and the Ghirardelli mix is the best we've tried!

Don't forget to bring ice cream too!


The Secret Of
Grilling Great Corn:

Soak in water for 30 minutes prior to grilling and grill it IN the husk.


This Grills Great Too!

Put a ring on your burger or dice it up for salads or dessert.


"Guac" (Guacamole)

Simple Ingredients.

Simple to make.


It's Easy

Just mash it all together.

And make sure that you bring enough chips and salsa too!


Morning Coffee
On The Top Deck

Set the coffee maker up ahead of time... on the top deck. Go up in the morning and just turn it on!

Portside Musing

Sharing our freedom together with friends and family seems to be the best way to celebrate the Fourth, and the summer!

June 2015 Edition