August 2015 - Relax And Enjoy!


History Surfacing At Lake Mead

Did you know that there are more visitors to Lake Mead each year than the Grand Canyon or Yosemite? Well recently, besides being one of the largest lakes in the country, (Yes, even with the lower water levels) there are some new sights to see there too. Check out this recent video from CBS: (Just click on it)

Launching a houseboat vacation on Lake Mead is still a great vacation value. Sure, the shoreline is lower than it used to be, but there are still miles and miles of glistening water for swell houseboating. (Great beaches have surfaced too.)

"Play to win" and launch your fall houseboat vacation from Las Vegas! Your full service marina on the lake at Callville Bay is only 45 minutes from the strip!


The Hidden Magic of Fall Houseboating

Houseboating in the fall is one of the best kept secrets on the lakes. Consider these swell reasons to go in the fall:

~ The summer crowds are gone!

~ The air's cooling off!

~ The water's still warm!

And... The prices are better too!


Lake Mohave, Full And Open All Year Long

It's one of the best kept secrets on the Colorado River. Lake Mohave, below Hoover Dam, and very close to Laughlin, "is always pretty close to full."

In the fall, when the summer temps start to wane and the crowds start to thin, the water is still perfect. It's "Mohave Warm" and "Mohave Clear too!

Sunrises on Mohave are also legendary and definitely worth getting up early for. Take a sweatshirt so you can steal away for your very own special sunrise moment.

The magic of fall houseboating on Mohave
is easily "launchable" from the lake's full service marina, Cottonwood Cove. It's just past Searchlight and around four hours from most Southern California locations.


The Hidden Secrets of Lower Water Levels

There are some great spots that haven't been seen for years on Lake Powell. Now, with lower water levels, many of them "are back!" Great sandy beaches, tall arches, and some kayak & swimming caves have all re-surfaced recently.

With the predicted heavy rainfall this winter from the growing El Nino effect in the pacific, these treasures won't be out much longer. For now, they're above the water line, or just at the water line, like the cave above in Rock Creek Bay.

Discover your very own hidden secrets this fall before the water comes back and they're gone again! Launch some fall discoveries at Antelope Point!


Discover The Magic
Of Simple Things


Cool Tip: Freeze Water
Don't Add Ice

Tired of your beverages getting warm out on the lake? Try this easy tip for keeping your water and drinks penguin cold!
(Well, maybe not that cold...)

Half fill a sport bottle with water the night before and put it in the freezer. (This won't work with bottles that have built in straws...)

The next day, just add your favorite beverage on top of your new "ice base." It will last twice as long as ice cubes! Stay cool!


The Secret Special

Just in time for fall houseboating, the "Secret Special" has been launched for the 2015 season.

What is it you ask?
Well... it's a "secret."

That's about all that we can put here without "letting the cat out of the bag, the horse out of the stable, and the houseboat out of the slip."   You get the picture...

Click here for the "Secret"


Slumber Party Fun!

Did you know that the 56' and 59' houseboat models have lower berths with curtain dividers?

They're a very popular "slumber party" location for the little ones!


Waiting For You

Relax, you don't have to pack pillows, sheets, or towels, on a Forever Houseboat vacation. Blankets too, if you need them... They're always included!

And... there's usually more of everything stowed in one of the closets, just in case!


The Ultimate
Waterways Fall Special

Fall is a great time of year to go houseboating. The water's still warm, the air is cooling off, and the crowds are gone too. Best of all, low seasonal pricing makes it more affordable than ever.

So take all of that, add these great bonuses, and you have the Ultimate Waterways Fall Special:

Any Houseboat, Any Marina

$200 off an Early Board

$200 off Fuel

Available Aug 17 - Oct 31

Call for details!

Portside Musing

Thinking fall in the heat of July seems odd... But then again, thinking Summer in December seems very normal!     Hmmmm

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