Houseboat Trip "Must-Knows" for First-Timers


So, you’re new to houseboating and you’re probably wondering, “How do I go about planning this trip?” Houseboating is all about relaxing and having fun while you enjoy a weekend, or even a whole week on the water. However, the planning and preparation for your trip can be a bit overwhelming if you have no idea what to expect. That’s why we at Forever Resorts and our Forever Marinas are here to help so you have everything you need to start your trip. Here are some useful tips on what to expect, and what you can do to prepare for your adventure.

Preparing Before Your Trip.

The most important tool you can utilize for planning your trip is communication. Talk to all your guests, and perhaps even have a few meetings prior to your trip to make sure you have all your bases covered. If one person is in charge of the food for the trip, make sure they talk to everyone about meals and special accommodations. Maybe decide if everyone will be in charge of their own food, or if you will all share. Keep in mind, your houseboat comes equipped with many amenities that you at home, so make sure to call your marina before you bring anything you don’t need. Our marina staff, from our General Managers to our dock staff, are all houseboat experts and are here to make your trip the best it can be.

Arriving at the Marina.

When your first arrive at the marina, make sure and be watchful for the designated parking areas for your vehicle depending on how long your trip will be. Some of our marinas have designated parking for daily use and others for weekly. Carts are provided for your convenience to haul your belongings more easily from your vehicle to your vessel, so take advantage of those. Make sure and check in with the front office before you start unloading, just to make sure that everything is in order with your reservation. After that, you’re set to load up, and board your houseboat to start your vacation!

Boat Operation and Navigation.

Your houseboat instructor will go over all the operation and navigation procedures prior to your departure from the marina, and they will even help you drive out into the the open water. After that , you’re on your own, so make sure to pay close attention to all the navigation and operations procedure. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either! Once you’re out in the open water, you’ll get used to the flow and control of the boat within minutes. Just make sure to always be aware of other boats and landscape hazards during your navigation. It helps to have your crew to be watchful of any obstacles as well.

Have fun!

That’s the point of your houseboat vacation anyways! All the preparation, operation and navigation procedures may seem intimidating on paper, but trust us when we say that everything falls into place once you’re out on the water, and the fun and excitement begins soon after. Soon you will be a houseboat expert yourself, and will be able to share your own experiences and tips for future planners. Check out our other blog posts for other great tricks and tips for your upcoming houseboat vacation. 

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James Wolf
Houseboat Vacation Specialist
Forever Resorts