Benefits of Early Boarding

​When you’re on a houseboat, you’re there to relax and enjoy your time out on the lake, with all your worries left at home, or in the car at least. However, a bit a preparation has to go into your trip before you’re on the top deck soaking up the sun. If you’re new to houseboating or even been on a couple of trips before, we highly suggest early boarding to get your vacation started off on the right foot. Here are a few benefits of early boarding and why you should consider it for you next houseboat stay on the lake.

What is Early Boarding?

Early boarding gives you the option to board your houseboat the day before your scheduled trip so that you can get settled before you embark on your vacation. This usually occurs during the late afternoon or early evening and gives you the chance to unload and unwind while you prepare for the open water tomorrow.

Unwind After The Road Trip

If you’re like most visitors to our marinas, you’re probably coming a little ways to get to us. After your road trip, you’ll want to unwind a bit before getting everything ready to get out on the water. Take some time to explore the marina a bit, see what the surrounding area has to offer and talk to the staff for any information they might have. Also, get a good night’s rest so that you can prepare for your big day tomorrow!

Get Familiar With Your Boat

This might be your first time houseboating, but even if it’s not, you’ll still want to get familiar with your houseboat rental.  Check our safety & information guide that comes equipped with every houseboat, and make sure everyone on your crew is familiar with the procedures. Take a look at all the features of your boat as well, and get comfortable with them so that you don’t get caught not knowing something while you’re on the lake.

Need even more information on houseboating? Check out our Houseboat 101 section for everything you need to know!

Scout Out Your Houseboat Sport

One of the biggest benefits of early boarding is that you can make sure all your other rentals are in order, such as ski-boats and other watercrafts, and use them to scout out the lake for the perfect place to stake your houseboat. Houseboat’s move at around 8-10 mph max, so using them as your sole means of transport isn’t ideal. Use your other watercraft rentals to get situated on where you’re going before you leave the marina.

Make Friends With Fellow Boaters

Some of my best experiences out on the lake have been from early boarding before the next day’s trip. Since you’re docked in the marina with the other houseboats, you get the opportunity to meet fellow boaters who are there for their own getaway as well.  I’ve been a part of some of the best get-togethers the night before everyone embarks, like during last 4th of July weekend, when everyone was grilling BBQ together, sharing stories and lighting fireworks to celebrate the holiday. It’s definitely a unique experience that I highly recommend. 

James Wolf
Houseboat Vacation Specialist
Forever Resorts