Houseboat Rentals and Water Levels

Vacationers interested in houseboat rentals may be wondering about the water levels this time of year. Despite recent dry conditions, we are happy to report that water levels at Lakes Mead, Mohave, and Powell are still in great shape for an upcoming houseboat vacation.


As a matter of fact, even though water levels are not at a record high, houseboat rentals continue to thrive. Current conditions have even revealed previously hidden treasures, like the flooded town of St. Thomas at Lake Mead.


Here are some specific details about the water levels at each of our three houseboat rental locations:

Lake Mead

The El Nino made forecasters happy this winter, it was one of the strongest on record and delivered above-average precipitation. It’s still expected to bring even more rain and snow to the area. Lake Mead is now holding steady at 40 percent capacity. The best news is that ramp status is great at the Callville Bay Resort & Marina – Forever Houseboats launch site.

Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave currently enjoys an impressive water level at roughly 91 percent full. The water elevation as of March 20 was 642.49 feet, and all launch ramps are in excellent condition. So you’ll have no trouble guiding your houseboat rental out onto the lake.

Lake Powell

Spring runoff is expected to increase water levels at Lake Powell. The current elevation is 3,594 feet and the lake is at approximately 46 percent  capacity. All launch ramps are operating, even out of Antelope Point Marina, our own launch site. Just like Lake Mead, slightly lower water levels have their upside, revealing once submerged canyons and other geologic wonders where you can find new waterfalls, plants, and wildlife.

So what does this mean to vacationers interested in houseboat rentals? Thanks to the rain brought to the area due to the El Nino, your houseboat vacation is going to be great no matter what lake you choose to explore on your Forever Houseboat. Call us toll-free at (800) 255-5561 and we can update you on the latest conditions at Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Lake Powell as well as help you choose the best option from our fleet of houseboat rentals. Your adventure awaits!