Houseboat at Lake Powell | Why Kids Love It

Houseboat at Lake Powell with your kids

Houseboats and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly which is surprising in an age where young people spend all their time glued to smartphone screens. When it comes to a houseboat at Lake Powell, kids actually learn what real fun is!

Water Activities

A houseboat at Lake Powell is like a floating waterpark with attached water slides, our houseboats provide hours of entertainment. Even adults rediscover their inner child watching the kids swoop down into the lake and join in on the fun.

Then there’s fishing off the houseboat. Lake Powell is stocked with several kinds of fish including bass, carp, walleye, pike, and catfish. Fishing opens the way for parent-child bonding, friendly competition, and even a great dinner. If you want your kids to have a memory that lasts a lifetime, watch what happens when they put food on the table for the first time.

Barbeques and Campfires

Speaking of food, kids love barbeques and all of our houseboats include a gas barbeque grill. It’s a great way to have some quality family time together on deck as you watch the lake and beautiful scenery. Barbeques also lend themselves to kid-friendly food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken, and even s’mores! When you anchor for the night, take to the shore and get a campfire going, something every kid loves. You can roast your marshmallows, tell ghost stories, talk about the day’s events, and make plans for fun the following day.


Kids love to explore. With over 2,000 miles of coastline and 96 major side canyons, they won’t run out of things to investigate. If you rent a kayak, you can take your children to explore the smaller inlets, which are often breathtaking with their sheer rock sides that rise hundreds of feet. There are also great beaches and inland hikes revealing new adventures. You can’t do all that exploring with electronics in hand, nor would you want to!

Call us toll free at (800) 255-5561 to find out about renting a houseboat at Lake Powell. Your kids will absolutely thank you for it.