Antelope Point Houseboat Rental

An Antelope Point houseboat rental will change the way you see America's most beautiful places. If you're looking for the perfect vacation adventure, Antelope Point Marina, nestled snugly right in the heart of America's Navajo Nation, makes the perfect backdrop for a family getaway to rival any other spot you’ve visited before. When you rent a houseboat on gorgeous Lake Powell, you'll gain entrance to some of the nation's most mystical attractions.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Antelope Point is a convenient starting point if you want to discover one of the most amazing national treasures, Rainbow Bridge. In fact, if you want to see the Rainbow Bridge by boat, Antelope Point is the only land-base marina that's near. This day excursion takes you right to the monument that's one of the largest natural bridges in the world. It’s a sight that’s definitely worth seeing.

Antelope Canyon Tour

Once it's time to come ashore for a few land-based activities, an Antelope Point houseboat rental puts you in the perfect position for a tour of nearby Antelope Canyon. Experience this grand wilderness area through the eyes of the Native Americans who call it home. A local Navajo tour guide is the perfect expert to answer questions and to share the stories of the first people who've populated this area for decades. 

Glen Canyon Dam

Docking at Antelope Point Marina and Resort also permits you to book a water tour of nearby Glen Canyon Dam. This thick-arch concrete dam forms the reservoir that is Lake Powell. It reaches upward for an imposing 710 feet and stretches on for 1,560 feet to help contain the waters of the mighty Colorado River. When you choose an Antelope Point Houseboat rental, you can take the opportunity afforded by a collaboration between the National Park Service and America's Navajo Nation to explore it. 

Ready for adventure? There's no better, more exciting-yet-relaxed way to experience the wonders of Arizona's Navajo Nation than by booking an Antelope Point Houseboat rental for your next vacation. Contact us at Forever Houseboats for more information.