Love the Lake You're On: Houseboat Adventures

All vacations are not created equal, and once you spend a few days or even a week aboard a rented houseboat on gorgeous Lake Powell, Lake Mohave, or Lake Mead, you'll understand this statement. Time spent on the water, whether you're fishing for catfish, practicing your high dives, or just reading your favorite book, adds years to your life. If you're someone who enjoys the water, take time to research the best lakes for houseboating before you book your next vacation. 

A Lake Should Have Spectacular Views

houseboat adventures with beautiful viewsLake Mead, in Nevada, offers a relaxing getaway snuggled amongst several mountain ranges, including the Muddy Mountains and the River Mountains. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets over the lake await you when you spend your vacation aboard a houseboat that floats on this lake that's formed by the Hoover Dam. It's a popular destination spot that gets more visitors per year than either The Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park.

A Lake Should Be Roomy

You want plenty of room to cruise, after all, part of the appeal of renting a houseboat is the feel of piloting it up and down the lake. Lake Mohave, in Arizona, offers a whopping 26,500 acres of elbow room for houseboats to maneuver, with plenty of room for fishing and swimming alongside the boat. Averaging 75-feet deep, this lake is perfect for scuba activities too.

A Lake Should Complement, Not Monopolize, the Area

If the lake is the only thing that the area has to offer, you might want to look elsewhere when it comes time to make reservations. After all, it's always nice to have options such as nearby hiking trails or popular sight-seeing destinations. Lake Powell, on the border between Utah and Nevada, is convenient to Glen Canyon Dam, the scenic Rainbow Bridge and Antelope Canyon, as well as the Wesley Powell Musuem.

A lot goes into locating the best lakes for houseboating, but it's worth doing the research to find a lake you're going to love. Stop by to explore your options today.