Luxury Houseboat Rentals: What Not to Bring

Lovely Lake Powell, located dab smack in the middle of Arizona's Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, is the perfect destination for those seeking peace and tranquility away from the rat race of city living. Convenient to a number of nearby attractions, including the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the largest natural bridge on Earth, Antelope Point Marina, on Lake Powell, provides a superior getaway experience aboard one of several luxury houseboat rentals.

luxury houseboat rentals provide excellent seating for meals

Life on a Houseboat

Spend a day, a weekend, or more aboard one of our luxury houseboat rentals and you'll never book a hotel room again. Right on the water, your houseboat contains all the modern amenities your party needs to unplug, unwind, and let go without sacrificing convenience. It's where you'll return each evening after an eventful day full of sightseeing, fishing, or hiking along this scenic lake that's surrounded on all sides by breathtaking scenery; buttes, canyons, and peaks are yours for the taking when you opt for a luxury houseboat rental. 

What Not to Bring

You'll need to bring a few essentials when you book your stay on Lake Powell with such as your toiletries, favorite music player, and food. What you won't need is the stress and tension that often follows you when you book a traditional hotel. Luxury houseboat rentals put you in direct contact with the calming elements of nature, the gentle sounds of water softly lapping, the fresh scent of the lake, the soft breeze gently blowing. You won't find these sights, smells and sensations in a hotel room or timeshare. You will find them along the shores of lovely Lake Powell, where all you need to bring is yourself, your friends and family, and your overnight bag. The water will provide the soothing of your soul. 

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