Plan A Houseboating Trip With Kids

If you’re planning a houseboating trip, you’ll want to make a checklist of things to bring along. Packing smart becomes especially important if you’re taking kids along. You’ll want to make sure A) they’re protected and B) they are entertained. 

For those of you with young children, you know that you need to be prepared for everything. When you plan a houseboating trip, having their favorite foods, snacks, and drinks will keep them happy while you’re enjoying your boating adventure. You also know that adding some downtime after a fun day on the lake is just as important. Kids get tired and need to relax just as much as we do. However, for the young ones just hanging out on deck may not keep them amused.


Bring some fun toys and games for the kids and be sure to include some books, board games, and DVDs of their favorite movies when they’re on the houseboat. All of our houseboat models have TVs and DVD players onboard, so throwing in a movie can help to provide a much-needed break. 

Of course, the water is where the action will be, so be sure to pack the fun and bring things like water spray guns, beach balls, and blow up rafts that will entertain your kids for hours. If your children are very young, you’ll want to make sure to bring arm floaties and swim trainers, too. Safety is a definite priority.

Sun Exposure

It’s no surprise that it gets hot on the lakes in the middle of summer with average temperatures of 100° F at Lakes Mead, Mohave, and Powell. Unless you want your children to end up like lobsters, you’ll need to take some precautions. Pack plenty of sunscreen, hats, quality sunglasses, and rash guard shirts. We’re big believers in these swim shirts because they don’t wear out or wash off. Just keep in mind though that rash guards are not a replacement for sunscreen and other protection. Be sure to watch the time and reapply sunscreen often to exposed areas per the recommendations on the bottle.

Forever Houseboats is happy to help you plan a houseboating trip; give us a call at (800) 255-5561. We’ll answer all of your questions and help you and your family have the vacation of a lifetime.