Where Antelope Point Houseboat Rentals Can Take You

Antelope Point Marina is a truly unique site. It is built within the Navajo Nation and is in close proximity to world-class sites like Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Hop onto one of our Antelope Point houseboat rentals. Here you’re already in the perfect spot to begin your Lake Powell adventure. 

Navajo Nation

Not everyone knows this, but Antelope Point includes over 600 acres on the Navajo Nation. The floating marina village itself is inspired architecturally by the Navajo Hogan, the traditional home constructed of natural materials with its doorway to the East to welcome the morning sun and good blessings. We certainly feel blessed to be there and we know you will, too.

Antelope Point houseboat rentalsRainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge is one of the most spectacular geographic phenomena at Lake Powell. It’s only about a 2-hour boat ride from the Antelope Point Marina. Enjoy the leisurely cruise to the site aboard one of our Antelope Point houseboat rentals. Rainbow Bridge is one of the tallest natural land bridges in the world at 290 feet. It spans 275 feet and is considered sacred by the Navajo Nation, known as a place of spirits, sacred offerings, and ceremonies. Rainbow Bridge is only the most famous feature in the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, a 160 acre unit within the National Park Service. There are other unique geologic creations, not to mention unusual animals that inhabit this section of Lake Powell. 

More In Store

Lake Powell consists of over 96 side canyons and 1,800 miles of shoreline. Our Antelope Point houseboat rentals open up the entire lake to exploration. You can visit ancient Native American ruins and petroglyphs, explore slot canyons, and admire the colorful peaks and buttes as you glide by. We’re sure you’ll agree that Lake Powell is simply one of the most beautiful lakes in the country on which to go houseboating. 

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