Hole in the Rock: One of Lake Powell's Many Historic Places

houseboating in arizona

Houseboating in Arizona makes for a vacation you'll never forget. Aside from the thrill of piloting your own rented houseboat along Lake Powell, you'll see wondrous, historic sites from a vantage point that most others never will. Hole in the Rock is one such attraction. 

What is Hole in the Rock?

Hole in the Rock was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. It's a narrow crevice that cuts through the western rim of Glen Canyon in Utah. Early Mormon pioneers used Hole in the Rock as a shortcut to the southeastern corner of the state. Without this crevice that the pioneers enlarged using blasting methods and hand chisels, there would have been no passage through for many miles. 

Hole in the Rock from Lake Powell

You can see this marvel of nature from your rented houseboat on Lake Powell. In fact, you can tie up here and hike up the crevice that once held not only pioneers, but their wagons, oxen, horses and livestock as well. The hike along Hole in the Rock is a somewhat arduous trail, so caution is advised. The view when you reach the top however is well worth the work. 

Houseboating in Arizona

Aside from the unparalleled views you'll experience when you rent a houseboat, you'll reap the benefits of living and sleeping right on the water. With no parking lot with which to contend, no long hikes to the beach, no crowds, and no traffic -- this is one vacation that's long on relaxation and short on stress. 

If you've never embarked on a houseboating adventure in Arizona, Forever Houseboats recommends you give it a try. Visit our Antelope Point Marina location today to book your Lake Powell adventure. It's a vacation experience you'll never forget.