Houseboat Adventures That Include Your Pet

Houseboat Adventures That Include Your PetHouseboat adventures are even better when you bring your pet along for the ride. Most dogs love the water, and they'll love you for including them in your family houseboating vacation. There are a few questions you should ask yourself and your houseboat rental service, however, before you begin packing up Fido's doggy bag. 

Do You Allow Pets?

This is the biggest question you need to ask before planning your houseboat adventure. Most houseboat rental companies do allow pets because they understand that a pet is part of the family. If your host allows pets, consider taking your furry friend lakeside for a little acclimation before the big day.

Is Your Pet Up-To-Date on Vaccines?

Before heading out to the lake, be sure to visit your veterinarian to get your pet’s vaccinations up to date. While most companies do allow pets, most also require them to be up-to-date on shots with papers to prove it.

Did You Bring the PFD?

What's a PFD? That's a pet floatation device, and even for good swimmers such as dogs, it's something you'll need that's probably not provided. Visit your local boating store before the big day for a pet fitting, and then let your pet wear his PFD around the house for a few days before you pull anchor. 

Can Your Pet Get Back Onboard the Boat?

Don't expect that your pet will be able to climb on and off the boat just like a human. Once he's in the water, he'll need some way to get back on deck. Most pet owners use a floating ramp or a dog ladder that attaches to the side of the boat and descends down into the water like a set of steps or a ramp. Using this, your pet can easily climb back on board after a nice, relaxing swim. Some houseboat rental companies supply pet ramps, but remember to ask that question before you leave the dock. 

Vacationing with your pet makes for memorable houseboat adventures. Book your vacation with Forever Houseboats today.