The Best Houseboat for Your Bachelor Party

best houseboat rentalsYour best friend just asked you to be the Best Man at his upcoming wedding. You want to do something great for his bachelor party because this guy deserves the best. Why not throw him a bachelor party on a houseboat? At Forever Houseboats, we offer the best houseboat rentals in the business, and a weekend on a lake is a great way to spend some quality time with your buddies to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

The Houseboat

Piloting a houseboat is awesome. Put the groom to be at the wheel for an extra confidence booster just before his big day. He’ll feel ready to tackle anything after that! And on a Forever houseboat, you’ll be traveling in style. Our houseboats are loaded with amenities. Among our best houseboat rentals is the 75' Extreme. It comfortably accommodates up to 12 people. It has six staterooms, two and a half baths, two full-size fridges, and a seven-person hot tub.

Fun on the Lake

There's so much to do on the lakes where we operate – Mohave, Mead and Powell – and all of it's perfect for the kind of bonding bachelor parties require. Fishing is great here as the lakes are regularly stocked. It’s perfect for swimming because the water feels like a heated pool in summer. And you can rent personal watercraft, from jet skis to kayaks to pontoon boats, which you can conveniently tow behind your houseboat.


There's nothing like a little exploring to bring a bunch of friends together. Explore parts of the lake on personal watercraft or go hiking inland to see some of the awesome scenery that surrounds the lake. You’ll even have a chance to sit around a campfire reminiscing about 'that crazy time when...' after you anchor your houseboat for the night.

Have the bachelor party of a lifetime and call now to schedule the best send-off ever. The groom will definitely be glad he chose you as his best man!