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Some of the Southwest’s greatest natural wonders are best explored aboard boat homes from Forever Houseboats. On Lake Mohave, there are coves and bays only accessible from the water. Some of these areas, such as the portion of the Colorado River that runs through Black Canyon, are even too small for houseboats but make a perfect day excursion during a houseboat vacation.

The Black Canyon National Water Trail

This 30-mile section of the Colorado River has long-been a favorite trail for exploration via kayak or canoe. The steep walls of the Black Canyon tower up to 2000 feet above the water in certain areas. There are coves, beaches, and several other sights worth seeing along the trail, both manmade and naturally occurring. The Black Canyon Trail is one of 16 national water trails and the only one located in a desert.

Some Highlights

Sauna Cave: Created by miners during the construction of the Hoover Dam, the Sauna Cave was meant to be a tunnel. The naturally occurring hot springs, with water measuring up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, the miners were required to find another site for the tunnel.

Ringbolt Rapids: From 1865-1890 ringbolts were used to help steamboats traverse the rapids on this section of the Colorado River. As you approach Ringbolt Rapids, watch for the large iron ring still present on the Arizona side. It is approximately 15 to 20 feet above the high water mark.

Prior to the construction of the Davis Dam, these were some of the most dangerous and challenging rapids on the Colorado River. Today, the Ringbolt Rapids, along with all of the Black Canyon Water Trail, are classified as flat water, even though the current at Ringbolt can reach 16 miles per hour.

Dragon’s Back: This prominent geological feature is located a little more than halfway down the Black Canyon Water Trail. Named for its long, scale-like appearance, this volcanic dike is evidence of the tumultuous activity that helped form the canyon and surrounding area.

At Forever Houseboats, we are committed to helping houseboat lovers discover the splendor of our waterways. We partner with the National Park Service to provide boat homes for rent on the top lakes in the country.

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