Top 3 Reasons To Rent A Houseboat

Lake Powell is one of the most popular houseboating lakes in the United States. The year-round sunshine, astounding scenery, and of course the lake itself, draw over 3 million visitors every year.

On average, visitors to Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area stay 4-5 days, the longest of any national park. One of the main reasons they do is largely due to the appeal of houseboating on Lake Powell. Find out why visitors stay on the lake as long as they do with these top 3 reasons to rent a houseboat on Lake Powell:

1. Unparalleled Views, Especially at Sunset

Due to the unique, spectacular geography of Lake Powell, much of the landscape and scenery can only be seen from the water. The sunsets at Lake Powell are awe-inspiring. The setting sun draws out the pinks of the red rock against an often fiery sky and deep purple waters of the lake. The stark beauty of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is on full display as the sun finally dips down past the western horizon. And then at night, of course, you have a sky full of stars to gaze at as you enjoy a peaceful evening on deck.

2. Stunning Geographical Formations

One of the most well-known geographical features of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. At nearly 300 feet tall, Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest known natural bridges in the world. Rainbow Bridge may be the most impressive geological formation of Lake Powell, but it is far from the only one. Water has carved innumerable formations out of the sandstone of the Colorado Plateau.

3. Escape from the Everyday

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s far too easy to forget to slow down and simply enjoy life. When you step aboard one of our Forever Houseboats on Lake Powell, you can leave conference calls and deadlines on the shore behind you. But you won’t have to worry about leaving the comforts of home behind. Every one of our houseboats comes with a fully equipped kitchen and entertainment options, including television with a DVD player and CD stereo. At Forever Houseboats, our fleet offers just what you need to relax and enjoy your houseboat vacation.

Ready to houseboat? Come find out for yourself why Lake Powell is one of the most popular houseboating lakes in America. To reserve your Lake Powell houseboat rental, contact us today.