Where Can You Houseboat in February?

During the month of February, much of the United States finds itself in the icy clutches of winter. In the southwestern part of the country, however, February offers abundant sunshine and temperatures that can climb into the comfortable 60s. As a result, recreational lakes in the southwest are perfect for February houseboat vacations. At Forever Houseboats, we are proud to offer year-round houseboat rentals on some of the best lakes for houseboating in February.


Lake Mead

With fantastic fishing, exciting scuba dive opportunities, and starkly beautiful scenery, Lake Mead is one of the top lakes for winter houseboating. Lake Mead offers 550 miles of shoreline, creating countless coves and bays. There’s even a sunken B-29 Bomber that can be explored via scuba diving. Lake Mead is part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area the most diverse national recreation area in the country. Based out of Callville Bay Marina, our Forever Houseboat rentals are ready for your winter enjoyment.

Lake Mohave

Also located in Lake Mead National Area, Lake Mohave is narrow and shallow in comparison to Lake Mead. But don’t be fooled by its smaller size. What Lake Mohave may lack in shoreline, it more than makes up for in scenery. Surrounded by the sheer cliff walls of four separate canyons, Lake Mohave offers spectacular natural beauty. Like Lake Mead, sport fishing and scuba diving are popular winter activities on the lake. Forever Houseboats are available from our Cottonwood Cove Marina location.

Lake Powell

Located amidst the stunning geological formations of the Colorado Plateau in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Lake Powell is a houseboat paradise. With vast open water as well as nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline, Lake Powell is known for its fantastic boating. And if you’d like to feel like you have the lake all to yourself, February is a great month due to give houseboating a whirl. Antelope Point Marina serves as your starting point for such winter adventures as fishing and hiking.

Ready to beat the winter blues? Houseboating in February on Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Lake Powell all offer a great respite when you’re ready for a change of scenery. For more information or to book your February houseboat vacation, contact us today.