South Lake Powell Houseboating & Hiking

The days are getting longer and spring is fast approaching, and that means that Spring Break is just around the corner! Of course, this is a fantastic time of year to rent a houseboat from our Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell.

During the spring, the snow begins to melt, the water in Lake Powell begins to rise, the fish are spawning, and all of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area begins to awaken after winter. The increased animal activity, as well as the emerging plant life, makes for some amazing hiking around South Lake Powell.

Rainbow Bridge

Aside from the lake itself, Rainbow Bridge is the most well known natural feature in the Glen Canyon area. As the largest known natural bridge in the world, Rainbow Bridge is visited by approximately 85,000 people every single year. The picturesque hike to Rainbow Bridge is rated easy, so it is open for many to enjoy. And, while the weather is never predictable, we always recommend bringing an extra layer in case of possible windy conditions during winter and early spring. Be sure to ask our staff about the best way to get there as permits may be necessary based on the route you choose.

Horseshoe Bend

The hike to the Horseshoe Bend overlook is less than a mile with a gentle incline. This hike offers a casual stroll through the area, but it’s the view at the overlook that is the real attraction here. Over millions of years, the river carved this path through layers of sandstone. At the Bend, the water of the Colorado sparkles deep blues and greens against the stunning red rock sandstone. You’ll definitely want to have a camera on hand for this hike, but just be aware that you’ll need a wide-angle lens or camera with panoramic capabilities to capture the full scale of Horseshoe Bend. While you can’t boat to this spot, it is only a few miles away from Lake Powell, making for an easy escape when you’d like a break from the water.

Hanging Gardens 

Given the desert climate and the geology of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, there is not an abundance of foliage or greenery to see when you come to visit. However, the hanging gardens of Lake Powell provide a vibrant green contrast to the red and orange sandstone dominating much of the landscape. The trailhead for this hike is on Highway 89, about a quarter of a mile east of the Glen Canyon Bridge. This easy- to moderate-hike is only a mile round trip and leads to a lush plant habitat that feels strikingly out of place in among the desert terrain.

This spring, get out and experience the inspiring beauty of nature in Glen Canyon. These day hikes, all located in the south of Lake Powell, are not far from our Antelope Point Marina. Any of these excursions would make for a perfect day hike during your next houseboat vacation on Lake Powell. For more information or to make a reservation with our Antelope Point Marina, contact us today.