Having Fun & Staying Safe On Your Houseboat Vacation

Houseboating is a fun and safe way to experience the wonder of nature and spend time with friends and family. At Forever Houseboats, we know that safe houseboating doesn’t happen on accident. Safe houseboating is the result of safety systems built into the houseboat, onboard safety equipment, and boater education.

Forever Houseboat Safety Systems

Every houseboat in our Forever Fleet features several automatic safety systems, designed to keep you safe by alerting you to any unexpected hazards. Automatic safety systems include carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, the engine compartment fire suppression system, and gas fume/vapor detectors. All of these safety systems respond to the possibility of danger automatically and sound an alarm to alert you to any situation.

On-Board Safety Equipment

There’s a variety of safety equipment on the houseboat that is not automatic but is still essential to safe houseboating. Personal floatation devices (aka, life jackets), fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit are all common safety equipment you've likely used before. But there are a couple of items on your houseboat that you may not have previously encountered.

Marine Band Radio: All Forever Fleet houseboats include a marine band radio. With this radio, you are able to communicate with marina services and facilities while you are out on the water. Channel 16 on the marine band radio is monitored by all marinas and the local authorities, such as the National Park Service.

Anchors and Ropes: While out on the lake, you’ll need to beach and either stake or anchor your houseboat every night. All Forever houseboats are equipped with high-quality marine ropes and plenty of anchors to ensure you are able to secure the boat safely each evening. For more information, check out our Anchoring Your Houseboat informational page.

Safe Boating Resources

The final piece in the safe boating puzzle is boater education. As part of our commitment to safety, we offer a Safe Boating Discount. This $50 discount is available to any houseboat captains who bring their state issued Safe Boater Course ID card. While there is only one discount per houseboat allowed, many houseboat captains encourage their whole crew to get take the course, for safety's sake. For more information on safe boating, including safe boating videos, check out our Safety Resources.

At Forever Houseboats, we believe that safety is the key to having the best time ever out on the lake. That’s why our marina staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about houseboating safety.

For more information, or to book your houseboating vacation, contact us today.