Top Must-Haves For Houseboat Vacations With Kids

​Kids bring joy to family vacations. Which is why you want to bring joy to your kids when going on a family vacation. But when you take kids on vacation, you also know that you have to do a little extra planning. Being prepared is the key to a happy and joyful getaway.

If you are planning a houseboat adventure for your next family vacation, here are a few must-haves for your packing list:

1. Sun Protection, Including Extra Sunscreen & Hats

Sunburns are no fun, but they are preventable. For extra protection, it is wise to apply sunscreen often. This usually means every hour and after swimming, even if the weather is overcast. You can never have too much sunscreen on a houseboat vacation, so make sure you pack a few more bottles than you think you’ll need, just in case. It is also smart to pack sun hats and clothing with built-in SPF protections for added sun safety.

2. Water Bottles

It is important for everyone, including children to stay hydrated on your houseboat vacation. When you spend a lot of time in the water, you may not realize that you are sweating or potentially getting dehydrated. To entice kids to drink more water, bring them their own refillable water bottles and keep them filled. You may want to buy each child a new bottle just for the trip. They can decorate them with stickers or puff paint to make them their own. In addition to being useful during your vacation, their water bottles can then become fun souvenirs to remind them of their amazing houseboat vacation.

3. Sun Tent for Infants

When you are on the boat, you can step into the cabin to get your infant out of the sun. But if you have multiple children to keep an eye on or are spending time on the beach, a small sun tent is ideal for infants or toddlers to rest and take a break from the sun. There are small pop-up style versions on the market that are lightweight, easy to pack, and can be set up with one hand.

4. Flashlights for the Kids

Sleeping in a new place can be a little uneasy for some kids. Giving them their own flashlights can be comforting and reassuring. It can also help them find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without waking up the whole boat.

5. New Toys

Bringing a few new toys can be a great way to keep kids entertained when they are taking a break from swimming and adventuring. Puzzles, books, and games are a few ideas, but you can also surprise your kids with that special toy they have been begging you to get. Or, you can hit the dollar store to get sand buckets, squirt guns, and even glow sticks for added nighttime excitement.
Having fun and making lasting memories are your ultimate family vacation goals. That’s why a houseboating vacation is the perfect plan for your next family adventure. To learn more about houseboating with Forever Houseboats, contact us today.