Top Tips For First-Time Houseboaters

​When planning for your first houseboating vacation, you’re going to have some questions. What will the houseboat include? and What should we pack? are common first-time houseboater concerns. The good news is that our team at Forever Houseboats can help answer all of your questions and provide you with additional helpful insight before you embark on your houseboat adventure.

For now, here are some top tips from houseboat enthusiasts who have shared what they wish they had known before their first time on the water.

Pack Fewer Clothes and More Hydration

New houseboaters tend to overpack when it comes to clothes. Most people spend a lot of time in the water and find they simply wear a swimsuit and sun cover for the majority of their vacation. On the other hand, you will probably want as much water, sports drinks, and other hydrating drinks as you can fit. Some of the best houseboating lakes are in the southwestern United States, where it is dry and hot. It’s easy to get dehydrated without even realizing it when your sweat evaporates almost immediately.

Plan Your Menus

Part of your houseboating experience includes enjoying delicious meals while you bask in the beautiful lake view surrounding you. Making sure you have enough food and enough variety will help to keep everyone happy and well fed. Just as you might plan for your week’s worth of meals when you’re at home, you’ll want to plan our your menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while you are on vacation. Then, you can purchase your groceries ahead of time and have everything you need when you board your houseboat. Don’t forget condiments and your favorite beverages to complement your meals. (Note: at some of our marina locations, you can also pre-order your groceries. Check with our staff to inquire about this option).


No, seriously. Your vacation is about relaxing. You don’t need to worry about being a first-time houseboat driver. Our knowledgeable and professional marina staff will give you important safety information and a houseboat driving lesson. We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have about houseboating anytime. Whether you are planning a vacation, have already made a reservation, or are out on the water, we’re here to help.

If you still have questions about planning your first houseboating excursion, check out our Houseboating 101 section. If you’re ready to find out for yourself why houseboating is one of America’s favorite ways to vacation, contact us at Forever Resorts today.