What Makes A Great Houseboating Lake?

At Forever Houseboats, we are proud to offer houseboat rentals on some of our nation’s most popular waterways. While every lake has it’s own attractions and recreational activities, there are a few features that all great houseboat vacation lakes share.

Beautiful Scenery

Many of America’s best houseboating lakes are located within National Parks or National Recreation Areas. These parks and open spaces have been set aside as public lands by the federal government to preserve national resources, unique ecosystems, and exceptional natural beauty. A great houseboat lake has breathtaking views and stunning scenery all its own. From the jagged mountain peaks that surround Lake Mead to the otherworldly red rocks that encompass Lake Powell, scenic views are one of the most obvious features great houseboating lakes share.

Beaches and Coves

When you take a houseboating vacation, you spend a lot of time with the boat anchored in one place. Not only does the houseboat need to be turned off and stationary when you swim and use the waterslide, it also needs to be beached and secured every night. A great houseboating lake will have ample shoreline with plenty of places where you can set up camp for the night without feeling like you’re right on top of another houseboat – even during peak season.

Recreational Activities

While you could spend your entire houseboat vacation relaxing on the sun deck and swimming in the lake, it’s nice to have other options. A great houseboating lake will always have a variety of recreational activities available. Most lakes will offer fishing and hiking, but it’s worth finding out if there’s anything out of the ordinary available at the lakes you are considering. After all, you might be able to scuba dive down to a sunken airplane or see a 200 million-year-old dinosaur track on your vacation.

Every houseboating lake is going to offer a wonderfully different experience. But the best houseboating lakes will all offer beautiful scenery, miles of shoreline, and an array of other recreational activities. Ready to book your houseboat vacation at one of America’s top houseboating lakes? Contact us at Forever Houseboats today.