Do You Have A License To Drive?

Are you planning to get behind the wheel of a houseboat for the first time? For most people, their first time at the helm includes a mix of excitement and anxiety. Take it from us at Forever Houseboats, there is no need to be intimidated. With a little preparation and training, you will be ready to captain your houseboat before you know it.

Houseboat Rental Requirements

There are few basic requirements to rent from us at Forever Houseboats. The houseboat captain, who is both the contract signer and driver, must be at least 21 years of age and present a current, valid driver’s license at the time of rental. Additionally, some states do require that you have a boating license. You can check your state’s boating license rules here

Take a Safe Boating Course

Safety is our first priority at Forever Houseboats and as a houseboat captain, it should be yours as well. Taking a NASBLA certified, state approved, safe boating course is one of the best ways you can prepare to for you houseboat trip. As an added incentive, we at Forever Houseboats are proud to offer a Safe Boating Discount to houseboat captains who take the time to get Safe Boating certified. Just complete the course and bring your state issued Safe Boating ID to the marina with you and we’ll give you a $50 discount on your houseboat rental.

Watch Our Houseboating Orientation Videos

We have put together a few short videos to help prepare you for your houseboat vacation. They cover a range of topics, including houseboat safety, rules of the road, starting the engines of your houseboat, even what to pack for your trip.

In Person Training and Orientation

When you arrive to pick up your houseboat rental, one of our knowledgeable and experienced houseboat instructors will give you a short training. During this important orientation, your houseboat instructor will walk you through how to use safety equipment, what to do if one of the automatic safety systems (such as the smoke detector or engine fire suppression system) is activated, and how to reach the marina using your marine band radio.

Ready to put on your captain’s hat and set sail? Take the first step and contact us today to make your reservation.