Fun & Affordable Extras For The Ultimate Houseboat Adventure

Renting a houseboat is a fun and affordable way to vacation with family and friends. While nearly every first-time houseboater takes the time to research the cost of the houseboat rental, many don’t look beyond that. As a result, you may be surprised to learn about the great extras you can add on to your houseboat rental with Forever Houseboats. For avid houseboaters, some of the additional options are the difference between having a great time on the lake and experiencing the ultimate houseboat vacation.

Early Boarding

When you add the “Early Boarding” option to your rental with Forever Houseboats, you will actually get to board your houseboat the evening before your departure and spend the first night at the dock. There are definitely benefits to this add-on. You will be loading up your cargo in the cooler evening hours rather than under the heat of the sun. Since you won’t be leaving until the next day anyway, you can relax and take your time loading up your stuff. Your first evening on the boat will give you a chance to unwind and get into vacation mode. And, perhaps most importantly, you will be among the first people out on the lake the next day.

Small Boats, Personal Watercraft, and Water Toys

A small fishing or powerboat is a great accompaniment to any Forever Houseboat rental. If you want to go fishing in a little cove, go waterskiing, tubing or any other number of water sports, a smaller boat is essential. You can use a personal watercraft or small boat to scout out coves and beaches when looking for a place to anchor or stake your houseboat. Not only are these smaller boats faster than your houseboat rental, they are also more fuel-efficient. Each of our marinas offers a different selection of watercraft, so be sure to ask about what is available when you make your reservation.
At Forever Houseboats, we offer houseboat rentals on some of America’s most scenic waterways. For more information or to make your reservation, contact us today