​Houseboat Gas Saving Tips

First-time houseboaters often want to know how much they should budget for fuel on the lake. As you can imagine, it is tough to predict because there are various factors that can have an impact on your fuel usage. The good news is that most of these factors are not out of your control. Here at Forever Houseboats, we’ve put together a list of few ways you can get the most out every gallon when you are out on the water.

Slow Down a Bit

The top speed of your houseboat is eight to ten miles per hour. If you are planning to cruise for a long distance on the lake, consider using only one motor instead of both. This will slow you down a bit, but cruising at 6 mph can make a significant difference in your fuel consumption. Besides, when you’re on a houseboat vacation, what’s the rush, right?

Conserve Energy

The generator on your houseboat is gas powered. Common energy-saving tips, such as turning off the lights when you leave the room, can make a difference. Your houseboat circuit control board makes it easy to cut the power to any appliances not in use and reduce your generator usage.

Choose Forever Houseboats

When you book a 2017 houseboat vacation at any of our Forever Houseboats marinas, you can receive a $300 fuel credit. It’s that easy. This fantastic offer is part of our 2017 Choose Your Fun special promotion. This yearlong offer is available at all of our Forever Resorts Houseboat Rental Locations until December 31, 2017. It is valid for all houseboat models and there is no blackout period. If you would prefer, you can select a $300 houseboat credit or $300 off optional early board instead of a fuel credit.

At Forever Houseboats, every boat in our modern Forever Fleet is designed to be fuel efficient. With a little attention to speed and energy conservation, you may be surprised at how much fuel you can save. Ready to book your houseboat vacation and get a $300 fuel credit? Contact us today to make your reservation.