Celebrate Your Honeymoon On A Houseboat

​Looking for a fun and original way to spend your honeymoon? With a houseboat rental from Forever Houseboats, you can leave the rest of the world behind and celebrate the beginning of your new life together in a unique and special way. Here are a few reasons renting a houseboat is the perfect vacation for newlyweds.

Just the Two of You on the Water

Whether your wedding was a grand affair or an intimate family ceremony, the honeymoon is a time for the two of you to step away from it all. There’s no better metaphor for embarking on this new journey together than literally leaving the known shore behind and heading out on a new adventure. Even during the busiest seasons when there are a lot of people on the water, you will find numerous quiet coves or beaches where you can secure your houseboat and feel as though you are the only two people in the world. 

Romantic Nights Beneath the Stars

Far away from the bright lights of the cities, the desert sky at night is romantic and awe-inspiring. When the moon is full, the entire landscape is illuminated. On a moonless night, innumerable stars dot the firmament and you can almost see the curvature of the atmosphere. If the sky is clear, you might glimpse an arm of the Milky Way, a sight unavailable to over 80% of Americans from their homes. Depending on when you honeymoon, you may even catch a meteor shower

Your Honeymoon, Your Way

One of the best things about a houseboat vacation is that it is completely customizable. Go hiking and explore the surrounding area or simply swim and kick back on the beach. You can relax in the evening hours stargazing or snuggling in front or your favorite movie with popcorn. There is no itinerary or schedule to follow unless you make one. Spend the time your way. It is your honeymoon after all.

When Forever Means Something

Make your honeymoon as unique as your love story. Create unforgettable memories to last a lifetime on some of the nation’s most beautiful waterways with a houseboat rental from Forever Houseboats. Contact us today for more information or to make your reservation.