​Food Packing Checklist For Your Houseboat Vacation

Getting ready to shop for the food for your houseboat vacation? We’ve compiled a grocery list of pantry and fridge items to grab and a few things to consider for your group. Be sure to ask everyone in your party about food allergies or sensitivities in advance of meal planning or shopping.

Staple Food Items

Naturally, there are some food items that are easier to bring than others. You may want to consider convenience and your budget when shopping. Listed below are some suggestions to consider. If there are things you buy every single week at home that we haven't included, you'll probably want to add them to your list. 

●      Bread and buns for sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs
●      Cold Cereal – Try to pick a few varieties that everyone enjoys rather than packing a different cereal for everyone in your group.
●      Peanut Butter – An absolute essential for many families.
●      Jam/Jelly – As with cereal, try to buy one flavor for everyone to share rather than a bunch of small jars with different flavors.
●      Fruits – When selecting fruit for your trip, keep in mind that certain fruits, such as bananas, will cause other produce to ripen more quickly.
●      Vegetables – If you prep your vegetables in advance, they can be easier to pack. Although once they have been cut, vegetables will spoil more quickly.
●      Meats – If possible, portion and freeze your meats before packing them. The frozen meat helps keep your cooler cold and pre-portioning makes mealtime a breeze. For even more convenience, you can freeze your meat in a marinade.   
●      Condiments – Keep condiments to a minimum. They are difficult to pack and take up precious fridge and cooler space. Mayonnaise can go bad very quickly once it has been opened, so it is probably a good idea to bring a small container. Another idea is to buy condiments in individual packets.
●      Favorite seasonings - Unlike condiments, spices and seasonings don't need to be stored in the fridge. Consider bringing a few versatile blends, such as cajun or Italian seasonings. 


Staying hydrated on the lake is extremely important. When determining how many drinks you need, take into account the number of people in your party and the length of your trip.
●      Water – The absolute best beverage for staying hydrated.
●      Sports drinks – The added electrolytes in these types of drinks can help when it’s hot and you’re active on the lake or a hike.
●      Milk – Keep in mind that dairy products will spoil quickly in the summer heat. If you plan on using milk for baking, you may want to consider substituting powdered milk for an easy, non-perishable alternative.
●      Soft drinks – While soda cans are easy and convenient, larger containers, like 2-liter bottles, are easier to pack and produce less waste.
●      Alcoholic beverages – If you choose to indulge in alcoholic beverages on your houseboat vacation, we at Forever Houseboats ask that you please do so responsibly.

While your food checklist will vary a bit based on your group’s tastes and preferences, this list is a good place to start. Ready to reserve your houseboat? Contact us to book your rental today.