​Game Time Is Together Time

​During your houseboat vacation, we at Forever Houseboats recommend planning to at least one game night. In our experience, however, we know that many of our houseboat guests like to make every night on the lake a game night. It’s just plain fun and a great way to bring your crew together for laughs and a bit of competition.

From classic board games to dice games, there are a variety of game night options available. Here are just a few of our favorite games to consider for your houseboating trip.

Classic Board Games

Many classic board games offer travel editions that are easy to transport and often come in a zippered binder to minimize the chance of lost pieces.

While the right two players can get years of mileages out a single chess and checkers travel set, travel Boggle and Scrabble are good for groups up to four players. Kids who may struggle with word or strategy games can play travel editions of Connect Four or Trouble. Large groups of all ages can have everyone playing together with a travel BINGO game. Add a few fun rewards to increase the friendly competition. 

Dice Games

One of the great things about dice games is how extremely portable they are. Ever tried LCR (Left, Center, Right)? This dice game is fast becoming one of the most popular games to play in a group of any size. And, it’s so easy to bring along!

Farkle is one of our favorite games for ages 8 and up. Unlike many other games, there are no limits to how many people can play Farkle at once. Played with 6 dice and a pen and paper for keeping score, you roll the dice and your score is determined by the combination of numbers on the dice. First person to accrue 10,000 points (or fewer for a shorter game) wins.

Ring Toss 

Light up the top deck or the beach at night with a glow in the dark ring toss game. You can make hoops from glow stick necklaces and then take aim. See who can throw the most within a circle you draw in the sand or in an empty cooler.

Ready to play? Plan a game night as part of your next houseboat vacation with Forever Houseboats. Contact us today to book your reservation.