5 Ways to Have Fun on a Houseboat

Houseboats are a unique alternative to hotels or bed-and-breakfasts. You get the comfort and convenience of a private home, plus the ability to jump in the water or cast a line any time of day.

One of the questions we regularly hear is, “what can I do without leaving my boat?” If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, or just want to relax without leaving your home-away-from-home, here are 5 fun ways to pass the time on your houseboat.

1. Reel ‘em In

Top vacation spots including Lake Mead, Arizona’s Lake Powell and Lake Berryessa in California are chock full of trout, crappie, and other fish species ready for the taking. Set out a line while your boat is anchored and let it drag behind if you move on – you’d be surprised how many fish species you can hook while on the move. Make sure you have the proper fishing license before setting out on your houseboat adventure.

2. Grill and Chill

You’ll need something to do with all the fish you scored during the day. Luckily, your Forever Houseboat is equipped with a full kitchen and on-deck grill. Clean and prep your catches in the kitchen, then prepare them whole on the grill or try a quick and easy recipe like Bobby Flay’s fish tacos. Kids love to get messy, so have them help by putting together a side salad or combining ingredients for mango salsa

3. Play a Game

It’s not always sunny—even in California, Nevada and Arizona—so pack a few rainy-day activities for your time on the lake. Bring video games and apps for your tablets or smartphone. Chess and checkers are classic, and board games like Monopoly or Clue get the whole family involved. If you’re up for a drive, try the boating version of road-trip games such as spotting things that start with the letter “B.” (Yes, bighorn sheep and bald eagles count!)

4.Cruise the Sights

Sightseeing along the shore is easy when you’re in a Forever Houseboat. Piloting your houseboat is like driving a car, and with a top speed of 8-10 miles you can really enjoy the sights as you pass by. Navigate the shoreline with a set of binoculars in hand to get a glimpse of local wildlife, then weigh anchor to take advantage of the lake’s best swimming areas.   

5.Take a Dip

You’ll likely want to do more than just get your feet wet on a houseboat. Our boats are equipped with a slide that goes directly into the calm, refreshing lake water. Take advantage of the summer sun on your top deck, then slide down to the lake to cool off. Some of our houseboat models, such as the 70’ Silver, feature a hot tub perfect for relaxing after a day of recreation on the lake. 

There’s always something to do when you stay on a houseboat, from swimming and fishing to stargazing on the deck. Cruise out to the center of the lake for fishing and jet skiing, then return to the shoreline at night and set up your own personal beach cookout. CLICK HERE for more information on Forever Houseboat rentals in Nevada, California and Arizona.