Best Ways to Anchor your Houseboat

One of the most common questions we hear at Forever Houseboats is, “What is the best way to anchor my houseboat for the night?” While it is absolutely necessary to safely secure your houseboat each evening, it doesn’t need to be intimidating for first-time houseboaters. We’ve compiled our top tips to ensure your houseboat is safely and securely in place at the end of the day.

Scope Out Your Spot

From a safety perspective, you need a place that doesn't have much traffic. It should be out of the main channel and free of underwater hazards.

A large, open beach gives you plenty of space to beach your houseboat. If at all possible, you’ll find this wide, sandy beach located in a small cove where you’ll get some protection from the wind.

Beach Your Houseboat

Once you have found your location, it’s time to beach your houseboat. Beaching your houseboat needs to be done carefully to ensure safety and prevent damaging the boat itself.

First, turn off the generator to prevent the cooling intake from sucking in sand. Next, slowly approach the shoreline. Maintain a near idle speed as you ease the houseboat up onto the shore. It’s especially important to watch for shallow areas or hazards beneath the water at this time.

Secure Your Houseboat

Keep the engines running at a low speed while you finish anchoring your houseboat. Throw the ropes out to the beach, at 45-degree angles from the side of the boat. The next step will depend on whether your houseboat has steel stakes or anchors.

When Using Stakes

To secure your houseboat with steel stakes, you want to pound the stakes deep into the shore. The stakes should be pointing away from the houseboat at an angle. Tie the ropes to the stakes. If it is windy, be sure to start with the stake closest to the direction the wind is coming from. After all ropes have been tied, retie them to tighten them up.

When Using Sand Anchors

Houseboaters on Lake Powell will find their Forever Houseboat is equipped with sand anchors, not steel stakes. You will need to dig holes for each anchor. The holes need to be wide enough for the widest part of the anchor and between two to three feet deep. Once you’ve dug the holes, drop the anchors in with their points aimed toward the houseboat. Tie the ropes onto the anchors. Retie each rope, one at a time, multiple times. Alternate between the anchors until you are confident neither anchor can be further tightened. Then bury the anchors.

At Forever Houseboats we are honored to be the go to choice for many first time houseboaters every year. We work hard to ensure all newcomers are thoroughly educated and feel completely comfortable before they leave the dock. If you are ready to give houseboating a try, contact us today to make your reservation.