​Best Sight-seeing Spots at Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one of the most impressive sights in the Southwest. Nestled on the Arizona-Utah border, the lake has over 250 square miles of surface area – making it the country’s second-largest manmade lake. It’s a huge recreation and tourism spot, attracting around 2 million visitors each year.

Lake Powell isn’t your typical country lake. Check out an aerial view (or Google Maps) and you’ll see an undulating, river-like body of water with branches that stretch out like tangled tree roots. Because the lake has so many nooks and crannies – 96 named slot canyons in total! – houseboating is particularly popular here. As you pilot your Forever Houseboat around the lake, you’ll want to plan your stops around these breathtaking sight-seeing spots in the Glen Canyon area.  

Face Canyon’s Secret Cavern

Face Canyon is a 4-mile-long section of Lake Powell located 18 miles from Antelope Point Marina, just north of the border between states. It takes less than three hours to get there by houseboat. The main canyon stays relatively quiet and calm throughout most of the year, but the real gems are tucked into the canyon’s smaller offshoots. One unnamed slot canyon is so narrow and shallow that you’ll have to kayak or wade in. According to visitors, its walls are 100-200 ft. tall sheer cliffs painted in undulated reddish-brown waves.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Aside from the lake itself, Rainbow Bridge is the most well-known natural feature in the Glen Canyon area. As the largest known natural bridge in the world, Rainbow Bridge is visited by approximately 85,000 people every single year. The picturesque hike to Rainbow Bridge is rated easy, so it is open for many to enjoy. And, while the weather is never predictable, we always recommend bringing an extra layer in case of possible windy conditions during winter and early spring. Be sure to ask our staff about the best way to get there as permits may be necessary based on the route you choose.

Wahweap Overlook

Although not accessible by boat, you can take a short drive towards Page, AZ on Hwy 89 for some amazing photo ops before or after your houseboating trip. From the top of Wahweap Overlook, you’ll experience a 360-degree view of Wahweap Bay and the surrounding waters of Lake Powell. For an even more incredible sight, be sure to arrive just before sunset.

This winter, get out and experience the inspiring beauty of nature in Glen Canyon. These sight-seeing spots, all located in the south of Lake Powell, are not far from our Antelope Point Marina. Any of these excursions would make for a perfect pit stop during your next houseboat vacation on Lake Powell. For more information or to make a reservation with our Antelope Point Marina, contact us today.