​ Q & A: Houseboat Water Systems Explained

As a first time houseboater, you may be interested in learning about how the water system on a houseboat actually works. At Forever Houseboats, we proudly equip each of our houseboats with several convenient water management systems to ensure you have enough clean water to use throughout the duration of your trip. These water management systems are both convenient and easy to understand and provide a visual display of how much water is available for use.
To better explain our water systems, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to prepare you for your next trip.
Q: Will there be someone there to instruct me before I head out?
A: Yes, when you arrive at the marina for your houseboat orientation, a qualified and experienced Houseboat Instructor will review the water systems with you. Your houseboat instructor will explain the functions and limitations of this system prior to departure, and will answer any questions you or your crew may have about managing it. 
Q: Where does the waste water end up?
A: All of the sinks, showers, and toilets on a Forever Houseboat drain into a common waste holding tank. No wastewater goes into the lake. This tank is emptied back at the marina when you return your houseboat.

Q: How do we know if we are running low on fresh water?
A: There is a water gauge on the helm to check your supply - if you are running low, you will need to head to the marina for a fill up. Careful water use by your whole crew can help avoid running out before you return.

Q: Can you control the pressure of the fresh water on the boat?
A: Yes, the pressure and flow is controlled by two fresh water pumps. You can control the water pressure with a switch on the 12-volt panel at the helm for the water pumps. The switch has three positions: the center position is "OFF." Use this position when no water is needed. You can turn the pumps on by switching either direction. If one fails, switch to the other. There is limited water pressure so don't try to use too many faucets at once.
Houseboat Tip: the hot water heater runs on generator power. It is important to make sure the generator is switched on BEFORE stepping into the shower in the morning!
Q: What are some simple steps I can take to conserve water?
A: One of the easiest conservation tips is to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth, shaving, washing or lathering up your hair in shampoo. You can also run a full load in the dishwasher rather than washing each dish by hand. It’s important to make every crew member aware of these conservation procedures to ensure you won’t run out prior to the end of your trip.
Q: Is it safe to pour chemicals out in the marine toilets?
A: No, please do not pour chemicals down any of the drains or toilets. It’s also important to not flush anything besides toilet paper in the marine toilets as it could cause clogging in the bowl and wastewater system.
Q: Does our hot tub feed from the same water system or does it have a separate water tank?
A: It has its own dedicated water system, filling and draining into a separate water tank. It will take at least 4 hours to heat your hot tub so you will need to plan ahead. The houseboat instructor will review your boat's specific hot tub system during your orientation.
Now that you’ve reviewed the basics of a Forever Houseboats water system, you’re one step closer to hitting the lake! Visit our website to find a marina near you.