Quiz: What Size Houseboat is Right for Me?

If you’re new to private houseboat rentals, you might not be sure which boat to choose. At Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell, our fleet includes houseboat models ranging from 59 to 75 feet long. The ideal houseboat for your vacation depends on the size of your group and your preferred amenities. Take this short quiz to find out which one is right for you.


1. About _____________ will be sleeping on the boat.


a. 10 people

b. 12 people

c. 15 people


2. I’m looking for a houseboat that…


a. Is basic

b. Is practical, but has a few upgrades

c. Has all the bells and whistles


3. I plan on renting a Forever Houseboat for….


a. My family

b. My friends and their spouses

c. A big mix of people!


4. Is a hot tub on the top deck an amenity that you must have?


a. It would be cool, but we don’t need it

b. A small one would be great

c. Definitely! We’ll put it to good use.


5. I’m looking for a houseboat that has…


a. A gas BBQ Grill, a DVD player, and a water slide

b. A gas BBQ Grill, a DVD player, DirecTV satellite, water slide and a hot tub

c. Plenty of room, with all the above plus upgraded interior features, a large flat-screen TV and surround sound speakers


If you answered mostly a’s, you should get: The 59’ Deluxe or the 60’ Eagle. Two of our most popular models, the 59’ Deluxe and the 60’ Eagle are mid-size houseboats that offer the sleeping capacity of larger models with the price and maneuverability of smaller houseboats. Comfortably sleeping up to 10 people, these models are ideal for families who are looking for something more basic and practical.


If you answered mostly b’s, you should get: The 70’ Titanium, Silver, or Gold. Ideal for larger groups, these models sleep up to 12 people and include a hot tub on the top deck. Enjoy 4 private bedrooms and 2 full baths with your closest friends and their spouses, or your extended family.


If you answered mostly c’s, you should get: The 75’ Platinum or XTreme. For the ultimate houseboating experience, rent one of our 75-foot models. Equipped with a 7-person hot tub, spacious living area, flat-screen TV with surround sound, 5-6 private bedrooms and at least 2 full bathrooms, you’ll be living in comfort the entire trip.

Whether you’re hoping to take advantage of better availability in spring, or looking to plan your 2018 summer vacation well in advance, the best private houseboat rentals on Lake Powell are available at Antelope Point Marina. To reserve your perfect Forever Houseboat, call 1-800-255-5561 to speak with one of our friendly reservation agents today.