Are you Required to Purchase Houseboat Insurance?

At Forever Houseboats, we understand that things come up unexpectedly, which is why it’s important to protect yourself when it comes to owning or renting a houseboat. Though you aren’t required to purchase houseboat insurance if you’re renting a houseboat, trip cancellation protection is another type of insurance that ensures you’re covered if you need to cancel your trip. Whether you’re anticipating a possible event that may change your vacation plans, or simply want to cover yourself in case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to know your options when it comes to houseboat insurance.

What is houseboat insurance? 

Houseboat insurance provides financial protection and security to houseboat owners. Those covered pay a premium for their coverage, which is based on the value of the boat, as well as other factors, like horsepower and age of the boat. Typical houseboat insurance plans cover both liability and property damage.  

Are you required to purchase houseboat insurance? 

Houseboat insurance is not necessary if you’re renting a houseboat from us, though it is a good idea for those who own a houseboat.

What is trip cancellation protection?

For houseboat renters, trip cancellation protection is a type of insurance that provides full coverage in case of an emergency resulting in the cancellation of your rental. It is ideal for those who want to be completely covered going into their trip. When you purchase this protection, your houseboat deposit and rental payment become fully refundable if you cancel your trip due to an emergency, whether it is for medical, professional or personal reasons. Trip protection is offered at all of our houseboat rental marinas in the Southwest. 

Should you get trip protection?

At Forever Houseboats, we do recommend trip cancellation protection. If you’re worried about any last-minute changes to your vacation plans, purchasing the trip cancellation protection will give you something to fall back on. Keep in mind that trip cancellation may only be purchased 60+ days prior to the start of your trip and no more than 7 days after your reservation is made. We advise our guests to settle on a final date before purchasing this protection plan because once you are within 60 days from arrival at the marina, it cannot be canceled or transferred.

Gain peace of mind with houseboat insurance when booking your next houseboat vacation at Lake Powell, Lake Mead or Lake Mohave. For more information on reserving your houseboat rental and purchasing your trip cancellation protection, contact Forever Houseboats today.