Out-of-the-Ordinary Luxury Family Vacation Ideas

Looking to book your next big trip that isn’t the usual resort stay? Consider these luxury family vacation ideas that are anything but ordinary.


Glamping, otherwise known as “glamorous camping,” is the new way to explore nature without sacrificing the comforts and luxuries of being at home. Regular camping includes a tent, sleeping bag, food, and some cooking materials. Glamping, however, consists of amenities like a full-size bed with a mattress, furniture, and even running water.

Glamping isn’t limited to a fancy tent in the woods, either. You can experience glamping in a villa, cabin, lodge, tipi, or even a treehouse! Simply pick where you want to go and search for glamping campsites nearby. You’ll be just footsteps away from gorgeous hikes and views.


Houseboating is our favorite way to vacation with loved ones. When you rent a luxury houseboat on Lake Mead or Lake Powell, you’re securing a lifetime of memories the whole family can look back on. With private rooms, a full kitchen, restrooms, showers and more, your floating lake trip doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

In addition to houseboat rentals, many of our guests rent powerboats, personal water crafts and paddle boards to complete their houseboat adventure. From swimming to cruising on your personal watercraft, we guarantee you’ll never have a dull moment.


For an out-of-the-ordinary family experience, consider renting a luxury RV this summer. The places you can visit are endless, with many luxury RV resorts located across the U.S. This luxury home on wheels provides the same comforts you’re used to at home, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. Map out your travels with one goal in mind---to explore new places with loved ones in tow.

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