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What Not to Pack on Your Next Houseboat Trip

Category: Houseboat Tips

You’ve probably heard and researched what to pack for an upcoming houseboat trip, but have you reviewed what not to pack? At Forever Houseboats, we aim to help prepare you for the easiest trip possible, so we’ve come up with the most common items you can leave at home.

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Another Reason to Visit Lake Powell: Rainbow Bridge

Category: History

Sunny skies, cool water, and the smell of sunscreen. For many, this is the epitome of summer at Lake Powell. Looking to add a little adventure to your next visit? Take a peek at one of the most well-known natural features in the area: Rainbow Bridge. Discover how it came about, who discovered it, and how you can access it today.

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What Happens if you Get Too Close to the Lake Berryessa Hole?

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Although the Lake Berryessa hole may look like a spiraling tunnel that leads to certain death, its actual purpose could save many lives. Curious to learn what it’s all about? Keep reading to find out what happens if you get too close to the spillway.

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