Honeymoon Houseboat for Two

Newlyweds often take cruises for their honeymoon, but why settle for a room when you can have the whole boat to yourself? At Forever Houseboats, we believe that a houseboat for two is a perfect way to spend a honeymoon. You have all the amenities that our luxury houseboats offer plus unparalleled scenery and the pleasure of making your first vacation as a married couple all your own.


Romance on a Lake

People spend a lot of money to jet to faraway locales but there’s nothing like a picturesque lake for romantic scenery. Lake Powell, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave all fit the bill when it comes to beauty and romance; they are among the most unique and breathtaking settings in the world, with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, amazing rock formations and magnificent winding inlets. Take Lake Powell, for example, with its many stunning mesas and buttes towering skyward, to see the likes of Rainbow Bridge, you would need to travel to destinations as far away as Africa or China. Here, you can find the magic you're looking for here in a convenient, stateside location.



Forever Houseboats are spacious and comfortable, so if you are taking a houseboat for two, you will have plenty of space for you and your significant other to relax and enjoy. Our houseboats start at 50 feet and go up from there and are supplied with full kitchens, deck chairs, barbecue grill and more to complete your experience.



Similar to cruise ships, our houseboats allow you the opportunity to take your vacation from your houseboat and out for a shore excursion. When you’re on a houseboat for two, you can take part in water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, hiking inland, and scuba diving. You can even tow your personal watercraft behind your houseboat so an excursion is always within reach.


Your Adventure Awaits

A houseboat honeymoon is unique and perfect for starting your life together. If you’re searching for something different for yourself and your bride or groom, look no further. Or, if you just want a quiet getaway with your special someone, a houseboat for two is a perfect choice. For more information, call us toll free at (800) 255-5561.