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​How to Prepare your Kid for a Fishing Trip

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Preparing your child for their first fishing trip can be exciting, especially if fishing with your dad was one of your favorite pastimes. Carefully planning your vacation can make all the difference in ensuring you and your child will enjoy this time together. If you’re struggling to figure out how to properly prep your little one before the big trip, here are a few helpful suggestions.

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How to Beach Your Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Setting out on your first houseboat expedition can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Rest assured that you are perfectly capable of maneuvering and beaching your houseboat, provided you pay close attention to the instructions given to you before leaving the marina. Feel free to spend your day enjoying the lake, but keep in mind you’ll need to beach your houseboat before sunset. If you’ve never beached a houseboat before, here’s what you’ll need to do.

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​How to Prepare a Thanksgiving Meal on a Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Tips

Spending your Thanksgiving holiday on a houseboat may sound a bit odd, but don’t knock it before you try it! If you’re looking to do something a little different this year, spending Turkey Day on the lake might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Because all our Forever Houseboats include a full kitchen, cooking up your feast on a boat isn’t as hard as you might think.

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​How to Have Halloween on a Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Tired of the same old routine every Halloween? Why not switch it up this year by spending the spookiest holiday of the year on the water. Renting a Forever houseboat is an ideal way to start a fun, new holiday tradition. With marinas at Lake Powell in Arizona and Lake Mead on the Arizona-Utah border, residents in Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada can reach the lake in just a few hours. Invite your friends and have the best Halloween night to date.

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​Top 3 Attractions at Lake Powell

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Lake Powell draws an estimated two million visitors each year – and for good reason. Created by the damming of the Colorado River at Glen Canyon, Lake Powell is surrounded by stunning sandstone cliffs. Nearby, a handful of natural landmarks rival the gorges and rock formations of the Southwest’s most famous national parks.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Operating a Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Tips

If you’re nervous about piloting a houseboat for the first time, you’re not alone. Luckily, when you rent a Forever Houseboat, you don’t just show up and get the keys. Vacationers receive a houseboat manual and instruction guide for their specific boat after making a reservation. This gives first-time pilots plenty of time to study the manual and watch instructional videos before their houseboat vacation. Read everything over thoroughly and your family will think you’re a natural on the water.

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​Top 3 Hidden Gems of Lake Powell

Category: Houseboat Lake History

Lake Powell is one of the most impressive sights in the Southwest. Nestled on the Arizona-Utah border, the lake has over 250 square miles of surface area – making it the country’s second-largest manmade lake. It’s a huge recreation and tourism spot, attracting around 2 million visitors each year.

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​How to Stay Sun-Safe on a Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made lakes in the nation. There are over 90 side canyons to explore, plus 1960 miles of shoreline. Dozens of sandy beaches provide endless opportunities to soak up some rays. Whether you’re sunbathing and fishing on your houseboat’s upper deck, setting up towels on the beach or hiking to Rainbow Bridge (note: permit required), it’s important to protect yourself against sun damage.

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​Where Should I Take a Houseboat Vacation?

Category: Houseboat Vacations

You’ve got your vacation destination in mind. You know you want to tour the Southwest, maybe visit the Grand Canyon or see your favorite band live in Las Vegas. Best of all, you know exactly where you want to stay – on a houseboat! From the awe-inspiring vistas of Lake Mead to the quieter shores of Lake Powell, Arizona and Nevada offer a range of recreational lakes where you can play, stay and fish without ever leaving your “home away from home.”

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Best Ways to Anchor your Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Tips

One of the most common questions we hear at Forever Houseboats is, “What is the best way to anchor my houseboat for the night?” While it is absolutely necessary to safely secure your houseboat each evening, it doesn’t need to be intimidating for first-time houseboaters. We’ve compiled our top tips to ensure your houseboat is safely and securely in place at the end of the day.

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Fishing with your Family on Lake Powell

Category: Fishing Adventures

Created when Glen Canyon was dammed and flooded in 1966, Lake Powell is the state’s second largest man-made lake (the first is Lake Mead at Hoover Dam). The lake gets its water from the Colorado River and several of its tributaries. When full, it is 560 feet deep and 186 miles long. With deep, calm waters and more than 161,000 acres of surface area, Lake Powell has become one of the Arizona’s top destinations for fishing and other water recreation. 

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Breakfast on a Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Tips

Maybe you love to cook, or you just don’t want to venture far from the water to eat every meal. That’s why we’ve equipped our Forever Houseboats with all the comforts of home, from gas grills for nighttime barbecues to refrigerated compartments for storing essential ingredients. Your houseboat rental includes a dining area for family meals and countertop space for preparing food. From plates and cups to cookware and utensils, we’ve thought of everything you might need, whether you’re just popping in for snacks or making gourmet meals from scratch.

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​Honoring Our Military Heroes On Memorial Day


Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer. Nearly 40% of Americans travel over the long holiday weekend. While we at Forever Houseboats love the promise of hot temperatures and great grilling that every Memorial Day brings, we never forget the true point of this holiday. That is why we are proud to honor the Americans who have given their lives in service of our great nation.

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​The Girls’ Getaway Where You Can Really Get Away!

Category: Houseboat Tips

When you think about a vacation with your best girlfriends, renting a houseboat may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but maybe it should. Houseboat trips aren’t just for the guys! The whole point of a girls’ getaway is to get away – from work, from household responsibilities, from everything! On a houseboat vacation, you can leave the stresses of daily life on the shore. Here are a few tips to make your houseboat girls’ getaway extraordinary.

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​Game Time Is Together Time

Category: Houseboat Tips

During your houseboat vacation, we at Forever Houseboats recommend planning to at least one game night. In our experience, however, we know that many of our houseboat guests like to make every night on the lake a game night. It’s just plain fun and a great way to bring your crew together for laughs and a bit of competition.

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Celebrate Your Honeymoon On A Houseboat

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Looking for a fun and original way to spend your honeymoon? With a houseboat rental from Forever Houseboats, you can leave the rest of the world behind and celebrate the beginning of your new life together in a unique and special way. Here are a few reasons renting a houseboat is the perfect vacation for newlyweds. 

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