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Shop and Dine at Antelope Point’s Marina Village | Houseboats in Arizona

Category: Houseboat Tips

Lake Powell is one of the most popular places to rent houseboats in Arizona. The breathtaking scenery, crystal clear water, and stunning rock walls, are unparalleled. The floating Village and Antelope Point Marina was built to complement the stunning natural beauty of the area. Complete with multiple dining options and a Market Place Store, the Village is definitely worth checking out while you are here.

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Health Benefits of Houseboating

Category: Houseboat Tips

At Forever Houseboats, we provide houseboats to rent at some of America’s most scenic and well-loved waterways. A houseboat vacation is a fun, relaxing way to reconnect with friends, family, and stunning natural scenery. And if those are not good enough reasons to look for houseboats to rent, consider the benefits it will have on your health.

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Houseboat Holidays Fun in the Fall

Category: Houseboat Tips

Autumn is the perfect time for houseboat holidays. Although the summer is popular for houseboat rentals, the fall is a great time to be out on the lake. Thanksgiving is one of the more popular houseboat holidays on Lake Mead, as temperatures usually hit a soothing 68 degrees during November. Although the temperature can dip into the 30s at night, the average temperature for this area during in autumn is 53 degrees. This is perfect for a relaxing houseboat cruise.

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Vacation Rental With Boat | Delicious Recipes

Category: Houseboat Tips

If you have never cooked on a houseboat before, meal planning for a vacation rental with a boat might seem a little overwhelming. The truth is no one should be intimidated about cooking on a houseboat. At Forever Houseboats, all of our boats include fully stocked kitchens and a grill outside on the main level so you can prepare almost any meal on our houseboats that you could at home just so long as you come prepared. We love simple and convenient meals because they leave more time for swimming, exploring, and relaxing. Here are two of our favorite easy and delicious recipes that you can prepare on your houseboat vacation.

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Best Places To Rent A Houseboat | Green Boating

Category: Houseboat Tips

Looking for the best places to rent a houseboat? In addition to the location, water temperature, and available houseboat models, many houseboaters are now paying attention to the environmental impact of the individual marinas. At Forever Houseboats, we are honored to partner with the National Parks Service to provide marina rentals within the National Parks system. We believe this unique opportunity comes with the responsibility to protect and preserve the parks where we operate.

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First-Timers Guide To Houseboating

Category: Houseboat Tips

Houseboating is awesome! But if you are a first-time, you may have some questions about how to operate your vacation vessel on the lake. At Forever Houseboats, you’ll have a lot of practiced hands to give you guidance so you can be on your way in no time. Here’s a quick first-timers guide to houseboating to help get you started.

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Types of Houseboats for Your Vacation

Category: Houseboat Tips

One of the most common questions first-time houseboat renters ask is, “how much room on a houseboat do I really need?” Is it worth getting a 75-foot houseboat or will the 60-foot model be enough? While this question seems straightforward, there are several things you may want to consider when reviewing types of houseboats to rent. The number of private bedrooms, maximum occupancy, and onboard amenities varies by model. We’ve outlined some of the most notable differences between the different luxury houseboats we offer at Forever Houseboats to help you find the ideal model for your next houseboat vacation.

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Plan A Houseboating Trip With Kids

Category: Houseboat Tips

If you’re planning a houseboating trip, you’ll want to make a checklist of things to bring along. Packing smart becomes especially important if you’re taking kids along. You’ll want to make sure A) they’re protected and B) they are entertained. 

For those of you with young children, you know that you need to be prepared for everything. When you plan a houseboating trip, having their favorite foods, snacks, and drinks will keep them happy while you’re enjoying your boating adventure. You also know that adding some downtime after a fun day on the lake is just as important. Kids get tired and need to relax just as much as we do. However, for the young ones just hanging out on deck may not keep them amused.

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Luxury Houseboat Rentals: What Not to Bring

Category: Houseboat Tips

Lovely Lake Powell, located dab smack in the middle of Arizona's Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, is the perfect destination for those seeking peace and tranquility away from the rat race of city living. Convenient to a number of nearby attractions, including the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the largest natural bridge on Earth, Antelope Point Marina, on Lake Powell, provides a superior getaway experience aboard one of several luxury houseboat rentals.

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Easy Houseboat Rental | The Good Life

Category: Houseboat Tips

Dreaming of a luxurious lake vacation? At Forever Houseboats, we invite you to enjoy lakeside living at its best when you opt for an easy houseboat rental.

You may never have considered a houseboat vacation before, but you’ll be so glad when you make the decision to do. Step aboard one of our luxury houseboats on Lakes Powell, Mead, or Mohave, and you’ll be hooked. Spacious hot tubs, fully stocked kitchens, water slides, gas barbecues, and roomy bedrooms that feature queen-size beds are all yours for the taking when you book a lake vacation with Forever Houseboats.

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Love the Lake You're On: Houseboat Adventures

Category: Houseboat Tips

All vacations are not created equal, and once you spend a few days or even a week aboard a rented houseboat on gorgeous Lake Powell, Lake Mohave, or Lake Mead, you'll understand this statement. Time spent on the water, whether you're fishing for catfish, practicing your high dives, or just reading your favorite book, adds years to your life. If you're someone who enjoys the water, take time to research the best lakes for houseboating before you book your next vacation.

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Houseboat Rentals and Water Levels

Category: Houseboat Tips

Vacationers interested in houseboat rentals may be wondering about the water levels this time of year. Despite recent dry conditions, we are happy to report that water levels at Lakes Mead, Mohave, and Powell are still in great shape for an upcoming houseboat vacation. As a matter of fact, even though water levels are not at a record high, houseboat rentals continue to thrive. Current conditions have even revealed previously hidden treasures, like the flooded town of St. Thomas at Lake Mead.

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Lake Powell Houseboats | 5 Cool Things About Lake Powell

Category: Houseboat Tips

Lake Powell is one of the most scenic lakes in America; two million people visit here each year. Many rent Lake Powell houseboats from Forever Houseboats, one of the more popular ways to enjoy the area.

You’ve probably already done some research about Lake Powell, but there are some lesser-known aspects of the area you may not have uncovered. To help you out, here are five cool things about Lake Powell that will add to your vacation experience:

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Benefits of Early Boarding

Category: Houseboat Tips

When you’re on a houseboat, you’re there to relax and enjoy your time out on the lake, with all your worries left at home, or in the car at least. However, a bit a preparation has to go into your trip before you’re on the top deck soaking up the sun. If you’re new to houseboating or even been on a couple of trips before, we highly suggest early boarding to get your vacation started off on the right foot. Here are a few benefits of early boarding and why you should consider it for you next houseboat stay on the lake.

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Five Simple Ingredients to Make Your Houseboat Meals Easier

Category: Houseboat Tips

Houseboat trips are meant for you to take a load off and enjoy all the fun and fresh air, so the last thing you should be doing is stressing out about how to feed everyone while on your vacation. One way you can plan your meals for success is through meal prepping, so here are 5 fruits and 5 vegetables that can be prepared, including some recipes, to make your houseboat meals a breeze.

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Houseboat Trip "Must-Knows" for First-Timers

Category: Houseboat Tips

So, you’re new to houseboating and you’re probably wondering, “How do I go about planning this trip?” Houseboating is all about relaxing and having fun while you enjoy a weekend, or even a whole week on the water. However, the planning and preparation for your trip can be a bit overwhelming if you have no idea what to expect. That’s why we at Forever Resorts and our Forever Marinas are here to help so you have everything you need to start your trip. Here are some useful tips on what to expect, and what you can do to prepare for your adventure.

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